About Us

Braveagle is a dynamic management practice focusing strongly on Service and culture development, social media strategies and communications in addition to general management services and consultancy. The company’s training programmes and management approach are simple in that all activity is focused on “making it happen” in your business and operating as an extension to your management team.

Braveagle Training

Braveagle offers various service management training pieces throughout all levels of your business. Key components include service training for immediate customer facing team members, service leadership modules, sales and change management. Talent development in these areas can be based on Braveagle courses or bespoke and existing sessions with in house ownership. Our expert trainers are all operators with extensive experience and understand the deliverables.

Braveagle Representation

Braveagle is pleased to carry out all forms of representation for both owners and management. The organization has hundreds of years experience in multi international organizations and smaller boutique operations.

Braveagle Social Media

Social Media is one of the most exciting and newest developments within business today. It is available to all companies in a cost effective manner providing that an appropriate strategy is developed and implemented effectively in the work force. Braveagle has the cutting edge resources to understand your company’s needs and to implement and train into the business within a short period of time. Our social belief is that the customer’s voice should be the voice of your brand. We will help you develop a customer eccentric environment within your social communities and help your organization to build an efficient, effective and valued social culture.

We also offer a continuous support and development facility if required.

Braveagle Communications & Presentations

A wide range of presentation services are available including staged conferences, themed events, speech writing, script writing, conference linkage and facilitating, after dinner speaking and sales and conference communications. Braveagle works with the some of the worlds most experienced technicians, lighting and sound experts, entertainment management and choreographers.

Our management team are able to provide a broad communications service covering internal and external communications, PR, crisis management and improving existing communication cycles within business.

Braveagle Management & Consultancy

Utilizing a wide range of experienced and well known resources Braveagle can become an extension of your management team and specifically focus on important strategies in order to “make it happen”. These activities include concepts, new openings, product development, design, implementation, project management and training and development. We are also pleased to specifically resource targeted manpower and provide assistance to carry out projects. Our team includes expertise from Hospitality, retail, tourism and general business fields.

Braveagle will be launching in March 2012, however do not wait to start to “make things happen” within your organization. contact us today on:

Tel: (+356) 2137 3327
Email: [email protected]
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